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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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"if you want news that's fair and balanced, watch "fox & friends," they have the talent." thanks. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: we begin with a fox news alert because a lot of breaking news overnight. a bomb tears through a busy marketplace in pakistan leaving at least 80 people dead. dozens of people are trapped under the rubble. joining us live from islamabad, good morning, scott. >> good morning, gretchen. this horrific bombing happened about midday in a bazaar in the center of peshawar that's known to cater to women. we're hearing at least 80 people were killed. it was a car bomb. we don't know yet if it was a suicide car bomb. about 300-plus pounds of explosives in that. it was such a powerful explosion that it brought down several buildings in this market area.
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it sparked a large fire that went on for quite some time. that is now extinguished. what we know right now at this moment, they're still trying to find survivors in that rubble. we're hearing at least 200 people have been injured. both injured and dead numbers will probably increase ove overe coming hours. this attack comes in a very bloody month for pakistan. nearly every other day there has been some kind of attack in one of the main cities in the more than part of pakistan. this is latest of that. it comes at a very auspicious time, too, because secretary of state hillary clinton is in town, here in islamabad. peshawar is about a three-hour drive from islamabad, so it wasn't just on the edge of it. but obviously this blast sending a signal. it's the biggest we've seen over this string of attacks over this last month. gretchen: thank you for the breaking details. we'll check back in with you throughout the morning. now to afghanistan. gunmen opened fire on u.n. guests -- on a u.n. guest house in kabul, killing 12 including
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six u.n. staff members and one american. this is video just in to fox showing all of the chaos there. a taliban spokesperson claiming responsibility for the attack saying it's an assault on the upcoming presidential election. it's one of two attacks in the afghan capital just this morning. a rocket also striking a hotel used by foreigners near the presidential palace. so far no reports of any injuries from that attack. and yesterday in afghanistan, eight more american soldiers killed by roadside bombs making october the deadliest month for american forces since the war began. the death toll for the month now stands at 55. and still no decision from the white house on troop levels. but support for a surge apparently growing. according to a new "wall street journal" poll, the majority of americans say they support increasing troop levels. this is a reversal from last month when a majority opposed it. the big guns come out for democratic candidates for governor. but is it working? president obama appeared for a virginia hopeful in norfolk,
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bringing his national agenda with him. >> and, yes, virginia. keep moving toward a health system that finally makes quality insurance affordable for americans who don't have coverage. gretchen: meantime, bill clinton, governor corzine join forces in new jersey. polls show deeds running more than 10 points behind mcconnell and corzine is in a dead heat with republican chris christy. the f.a.a. says they put their passengers in serious jeopardy. now two northwest airline pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles have had their licenses revoked. pilots said they were working on their personal laptop computers. that was their second excuse, actually, and lost track of time. the f.a.a. said the pilots violated numerous federal safety regulations. the king of pop's new behind-the-scenes documentary. "this is it" opened theaters acrot cross the country --
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across the country to rave reviews. four of jackson's brothers attended the premiere. afterwards they said seeing their brother on film filled them with live and pride. brian: i hear that's fantastic. and so smart, too. put it out for two months. people will scramble, cause an uproar. they'll have an extension and get even more money. steve: speaking of this is it. this is it. we're coming down to the drive in the senate and the house over health care. harry reid, it was revealed in the last 48 hours is going to go ahead and push for some form i've public option in the senate bill. of course, we never thought that that would happen. sure, they would do it on the house side but never on the senate side. not so fast. they're going to do it. however, he does not have the 60 votes. and one of the problems right now is a very reliable person who's been voting with the democrats for a long time, joe lieberman, says i'm not going to vote for that, i will join the
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republicans if filibustering the public option. gretchen: and you have these people still on the fence, democrats evan bye, glenn nelson, blanche lincoln, mary landrieu, ken conrad. and then, of course, olympia snowe who voted a couple of weeks ago for the reid plan but that was before it had this public, government-run option for health care that the states could opt out on. but here's the thing. we still don't know the details. and according to senator harry reid he's not going to release any of the details about how the whole program would work until the congressional budget office does their analysis. why? because he wants to see how much this thing's going to cost first before he's going to actually tell everyone what it's all about. brian: here's senator joe lieberman, the independent democrat, talking about why he would not vote for this as it stands. >> if the bill that is ready to be voted on at the end of the debate on the floor jeopardizes
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in any way our recovery from the economic recession we're in or increases the national debt, i'm not going to vote for it. brian: olympia snowe says i trust the c.b.o. to come up with a trigger mechanism. what happened with the trigger? you also see that is essentially laying down the gauntlet saying whoever stops this on the democratic side, we will campaign against you. and you have paul about a gala, another -- begalla, another strategist, angry at senator lieberman. so the democrats seem to be tearing each other apart. steve: joe lieberman is kind of in the driver's seat. remember after the elections and harry reid was going to throw him off the department of homeland security committee. brian: as committee chair. steve: exactly right. eventually there was reconciliation. but he now has the opportunity to actually influence what's going on there. and in addition to olympia snowe's trigger idea which many
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say would lead to a public option, there's a senator from delaware floating this idea of opt in or opt out. actually it's kind of clever, some say on capitol hill. he would only establish a public plan in states that have really expensive insurance or if there is no competition. how many times have we heard if there were more competition, the prices would go down? brian: you know the answer to that. let these companies compete anywhere, anytime. put kaiser over here, blue cross and blue shield to the midwest. steve: it makes perfect sense. why won't they add that? gretchen: because there are a lot of politics going on behind the scenes. if you look deep down into why senator reid is doing what he's doing with the government-run option being central to his plan, it's because he's in a very tight election race in his own state. brian: he's worried about himself. gretchen: so he needs to play to his far left constituency, initially. then if he doesn't get votes, which it appears now he might
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not even get this thing to debate, then he can say to the far left in his state, wink, wink, i tried but it didn't work so i have to become more of a moderate, but please still vote for me when election time comes. that's what this whole thing is about. brian: i just want to see if this goes. if i'm utah, i go, i want to opt out, i'm still paying for it. so your general tax dollars, federal tax dollars still go in, i'm just going to give the people of utah a government-run option so to me that's like you still pay school taxes even if you send your kid to private school. so you're opting out but you're still being charged for it. meanwhile, to afghanistan. we heard about the problem hamid karzai has been having in afghanistan, running the government. and then you hear this disturbing news that his brother is actually making money off the illegal drug trade, the only yum trade. then -- the opium trade.
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then the story karzai's brother is working for the c.i.a., on their payroll. steve: it's extraordinary. why would this leak out on the front page of the "new york times" at a time when we're debating whether or not to send more men and women over there? maybe that's -- gretchen: it would leak out right here, on this front story right here, because this will now be one of the things that the administration potentially could use as a reason why they would not support a troop increase in afghanistan because they will say that the government's relationship with the brother of karzai is tainted now. that they don't want to get involved in this type of situation now. i think there's a political reason why this is on the front page. steve: of course. brian: but in a way -- there's a bunch of different layers to this. number one, it further alienates the c.i.a. with this government. because the c.i.a. says, i know this is a guy with a checkered past and a checkered present
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perhaps, but he knows the area, he has the information, he has the intelligence, he's letting us use his exoind over -- compound over in the kandaharar province. so if he lets us do that, tell us when the taliban's coming, lets us know what it's going to do next, if he's selling opium on the side, let someone else deal with that. steve: here's the problem. because he's such a massive influence in the part of the area around kandahar, it's the drug trade. and he has suspected ties to the drug trade. brian: and the drug trade is fueling the taliban. steve: that's it right there. if more money is going back to afghanistan to buy drugs that are being, you know, essentially raised there, it goes back into the pocket of the taliban and that means they're shooting more at us. brian: and i got news four. the d.e.a. agent that i know pretty well says that that opium is going to queens. and then it goes out to america so not only do we have a problem with the taliban, we have a
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problem with the opium. steve: that's why the d.e.a. guys are over there. gretchen: and then the obama perception if it appears they are backing thugs in afghanistan. let's move on to this controversy. we've been telling about these flag controversies. some of them have been reversed since we've reported them, bans on flags. check this out. this is a 12-foot flag in massachusetts, at gravity fitness. apparently some people are now offended by this flag hanging while they're trying to work out. some people say that it's taking their view away from the televisions while they're trying to work out. i know that i like to either listen to music or watch tv to take the pain away. right? well if you're trying to get your workout in, others are simply saying they're offended by the american flag. i don't get that. can somebody please help me understand how when you're an american, eurofended by the american flag. steve: i understand the i can't see the tv thing. gretchen: right. steve: because that is in the
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middle of the room. put it on the wall and that would alleviate a lot of the complaints. here's the guy who owns the place. >> we had some more radical views that, you know, directly correlated this flag with other symbols in christianity and said that they might as well hang a jesus cross in my face. if they do choose to leave the gym, i guess i'm going to have to live with that. i think that's ok. steve: yeah. crazy. gretchen: that's very interesting. hat's off to a guy and gal who take a stand for something that they believe in. you're a patriot, you believe in your country, it's his club, he's flying his flag. steve: then again, the people inside the club who say they're offended, they're taking a stand. brian: straight ahead, take a look. do you find this pin offensive? watch with me. a man gets fired for wearing it. we're going to be talking to him this hour. steve: as long as i can see the tv through it. gretchen: that's what i'm talking about.
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steve: then president obama snubbed the dalai lama and signed a secret deal with drug makers. but there's no outrage. now imagine if george w. bush had done the same things. our political panel will weigh in as they approach studio b. brian: we're missing one. steve: we are down a person. @
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steve: president obama has been in office nine months, but whether it's the war in afghanistan or the american economy, all the tough issues he seems to play the it's george bush's fault blame game. >> whoever the party is, he's always going to have challenges. even when people really stop to think about it, recognize that this is mostly an error.
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>> i'm busy and nancy's busy with her mop cleaning up somebody else's mess. we don't want somebody sitting back saying you're not holding the mop the right way. steve: is that excuse getting old and when will the president start showing some accountability? we're joined by a democratic pollster and a "the new york post" columnist. our third member apparently stuck on the bridge right now with a blown-out tire. may be here shortly. robert, we have heard that excuse a lot. it makes sense in january and february and maybe march. april? almost in november. is it still george bush's fault? >> mr. president, it's been nine months, you've given birth to a presidency. [laughing] and with the presidency, you get -- with the birth you get all the joys of parent had the and you have some messes you have to clean up as well. they do at this point belong to
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the president. after all, general mcchrystal, who is running afghanistan, is president obama's choice. steve: he picked him. >> exactly. supposedly for an interim strategy that he agreed upon in march and yet now he's not sure whether he wants to go along with that, so he's going back and forth. as far as the economy goes, it's really the president that has made health care his primary domestic policy and is hoping that the stimulus will solve the economy. so these are his decisions he has to deal with. steve: right. we heard way back in january and february, if you vote nor this thing right -- for this thing right now, unemployment is not going to go above 8%. now we're at 10%. it's like, suddenly, wait a minute, shouldn't you have been accountable for it a long time since? >> i advised president in the white house. i worked for bill clinton. what we found was, when you get into trouble, blame the other
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guy. it works. and the reason premeditate people have doing it is their polling is showing that president bush still is getting a large share of the blame. steve: aren't even his own base members going, you know, that is wearing thin with me? >> they're saying it's wearing thin but there's still merit at george bush. and in politics you try to do everything you can to sell something, which is advocate your policies. and, steve if they don't work, blame the other guy. >> it worked very well for bill clinton because he had a foil. he had a republican majority in the congress. who is -- steve: here it's all in the family. >> who is he going to blame, nancy pelosi or harry reid? he could if he wanted to. my guess is joe lieberman online one. steve: we're going to continue the conversation with these two guys in a moment. meanwhile, democrats pushing to speed when key health care benefits kick in. could it be they need something to show taxpayers during next year's mid-term elections?
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we're going to talk to the panel. and a stunning admission from andre agassi. ' apparently was -- he apparently was hooked on meth. details straight ahead.
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steve: welcome back. any changes from health care reform will not kick in until 2013. hmm? so why are democrats now suddenly in a mad dash to push reform through by the end of this year? are they just trying to claim success by the 2010 mid-term elections and have the effects kick in next year as people head to the polls? joining us right now, you met the other two guys. glenis. you had two flat tires on the brooklyn bridge? >> two flat tires going on to the brooklyn bridge. steve: she got out and?
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>> flagged a cab. i'm a resourceful new yorker. somebody else was driving the car. steve: what do you think about the suggestion now? we saw this yesterday. it sounds as if democrats are saying, wait a minute, why would we wait three or four years for this stuff to kick in? let's do it by 2010 so just before people go to vote, they go, the democrats can help me out. >> i think anytime any bill gets attempted to pass through congress, everyone keeps an eye to what's politically advantageous for this party. so i don't necessarily this this is a surprise. and for a health care bill that has been so frought with problems at a mid-term election that i think at this point may be somewhat difficult for the democrats, i don't think it would be a surprise if you see the democrats trying to get as many good little tidbits in there as possible to help them at the polls. steve: but there is peril there. if it doesn't work out, they're in big trouble. >> there is. but if you come to think of it, it seemed kind of weird that they would be wanting a lot of
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these things to actually kick in in 2013 anyway because that would mean there would be three interim elections where they would have to be defending he's policies and the people at home wouldn't be seeing anything. so i think that's why they're trying to frontload it, as it were. >> it's sort of frontload the benefits and push the public option if you can get it, as far back as you can so you can get the legislation through. bottom line, this is the obama legacy. he pushes health care, he can deal with some of the stuff sliding ahead. if he doesn't get it passed, if he undermines the whole legislation, he's in deep trouble. so he needs as much benefit as quickly as he can out of health care. >> i also think he wants -- this has been a very difficult summer for the health care bill, i think. and the 2010 mid-terms are not that far away. i can see the populous taking out their frustration on the obama administration in the
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mid-term so of course they want to go forward next year and say -- and focus on the good. we want to clear your mind of all the bad things that happened last summer and give you some good things to focus on. steve: tea parties next summer? >> definitely tea parties next summer. you're seeing -- back to the tea parties in new york's 23rd congressional district as well. >> robert is right. the tea party movement is separate from the republican party. this is a real movement. >> it's pushing the republican party. >> of course it is. it's got to. >> i'm not sure we'll see tea parties still next summer. i think a year can change a lot. this president has only been in the white house for nine months and we've had so many political cycles in that nine-month period. >> i think it's more angered. >> watch. steve: all right. great panel today. good. thank you very much. gretchen, brian, what's up?
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gretchen: i feel like it's groundhogg day. -- groundhog day. yesterday we were talking about the ares rocket. but in 90 minutes from now they're going to try again to get it off the ground. we're live at the kennedy space center next. brian: and congress cut off funding for acorn but the ban expires saturday. what will congress do now, let acorn get more of your money? that o could possibly happen. gretchen: and he wore this pin to work for more than a year then he was fired for it. he joins us with the reason why. brian: and happy birthday to julia roberts. she's just 42 years old today. gretchen: she's pretty. brian: she really is. i think she's older personally. ♪ ree r thevla
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>> northwest airlines is proud to introduce our new anywhere plan. for just $100 you'll get a one-way coach ticket to wherever our pilots happen to wake up. who knows, maybe it will be hawaii.
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northwest airlines, when you don't absolutely have to be there. [laughing] gretchen: bet northwest is glad all of their flights are going to be called delta pretty soon. brian: that's right. steve: we'll remember. brian: but these two pilots, are they suspended? gretchen: they had their license revoked. brian: getting a read on whether they're ever going to be able to fly again. gretchen: i'm not sure we know. steve: heard a representative say that was too extreme, really can't do that. brian: the more you hear about it, it's boring. the machines do everything. they're just bored. gretchen: at least make the passengers sitting in the back who are like this every time it just rattle a tiny bit, make them at least feel like you care and that you're not engrossed in your laptop or whatever else you are doing. let's go to your headlines now and a fox news alert. we are just 90 minutes away from
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nasa's second attempt to get the ares rocket off the ground. the question is whether or not the weather will cooperate. all right, phil. i was saying earlier "groundhog day." is this going to happen today? >> it is. yesterday we started with an unfavorable weather situation. it's the same case today. there was a storm that moved through here last night. four lightning bolts struck within half a mile of the launch pad no. lightning bolts struck the rocket nor the launch pad itself, however, mission manager and organizers here on the ground today are going through the systems electronically, making sure all of the computers were unaffected by this so that means instead of targeting an 8:00 a.m. launch attempt they're looking more like trying to see if there's a patch of sky to lift off more like 8:15 to 8:30. take a look at this animation nasa provided. it will give you an idea of what's going to happen here today. it's going to be a short flight. just six minutes from liftoff to
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splash down 150 miles east of here in the atlantic ocean. first two minutes are the key minutes, when the rocket does what it's supposed to do. computer models, those are one thing. this is a real live test to see the vibration, aerodynamics as well as the thermal affects impact this rocket in flight. a solid rocket booster rocket. this will help finalize the permanent design of the ares 1 rocket. it's going to go 28 miles up, the two sections detach. the lower half of the rock he will the parachute into the ocean and be retrieved and then reused. but it's going to provide a wealth of information for all of the truly rocket scientists here on planet earth. back to you in new york. steve: thank you very much, rocketman. we'll be watching. meanwhile, new video just in to fox news. secretary of state hillary clinton arriving in pakistan this morning. secretary clinton's three-day visit aimed at reversing the growing anti-american sentiment in that country.
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>> this is a critical moment. and the united states seeks to turn the page to a new partnership with not only the government but the people of a democratic pakistan. steve: hick haik riefd just -- hillary clinton arrived just hours before a car bomb exploded in a crowded market leaving at least 80 people dead. brian: i want you to see these pictures. the mexican army unearthed this tunnel being built under the u.s. border. it has electric power, fresh air supply. the entrance just 100 feet south of the bored crossing between tijuana and san diego. blueprints and shovels were found inside. steve: crazy. gretchen: people lining up as many as six hours early to get their h1n1 vaccine shots. but it didn't make a difference for hundreds of people in chicago. the vaccine ran out in just 30 minutes. no waiting for sasha and malia
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obama. the president's daughters got their h1n1 vaccines and seasonal flu vaccines from the white house doctor. one of the perks of being the president. steve: meanwhile, a brouhaha over the maker of budweiser. a former anheuser-busch executive who was the company's highest ranking woman now suing the company. francine cats says anheuser-busch encourages a party atmosphere and pays women less than men for the same work. the company says she was paid fairly and prohibits any form of discrimination. gretchen: take a look at this incredible photo. more than a dozen grieving monkeys gathered to say goodbye to one of their own. 40-year-old dorothy, who's considered old in monkey years, was laid to rest at an animal sanctuary in africa. brian: wow. gretchen: i know. i saw this picture today in the paper. it's amazing. when caregivers wheeled her passed the usually boisterous group, the animals rushed to the
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fence, remained silent and held each other. wow. that is a fascinating photo. steve: indeed. meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather for this wet wednesday. man, it stinks outside here in new york city weather-wise. it is really coming down. brian: it smells fine. steve: it smells fine but it stinks weather-wise. thank you very much. coming down through south jers jersey. we do have a little rain in the northern plains. oh, look, the fall leaves. i like that. 30's and 40's through portions of the northern plains. 50's and 60's elsewhere. you know what? later on today things are going to warm up. 50's, 60's, and 70's across certain portions. it's going to be 31 today in denver. speaking of denver, a two-day blizzard along the front range of the rocky mountains. up to 18-inches of snow is expected. it's already feeling more like
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winter than fall. brian? gretchen: not ready for it yet but ready for this amazing story. nobody would have thought this. brian: andre agassi got a lot of money to write his biography and is producing a lot of stunning admissions. he add noits using crystal meth in 1997. he tested positive for the drug. agassi writes in his new autobiography, after he tested positive, he sent a letter to the tour to lie about the positive drug test telling them he accidentally drank soda that was spiked with meth. they reviewed case and threw it out. so if your assistant spikes your soda, can you play with drugs. baseball, the world series set to get underway tonight at yankee stadium, here in the bronx. the game being dedicated to veterans and their families. phillies' jimmy rollins never short on confidence heading into the series. listen. >> what is your prediction to the series? how many games will it take to beat the yankees?
6:39 am
>> oh, man. well, of course, we're going to win. if we're nice, we'll let it go six, but i'm thinking five, closeout at home. >> good luck to you, jimmy! brian: i guess that means he's going to win tonight. martinez famous for saying the yankees were his daddy has been named the starter in game two. you can watch game one tonight on fox. first pitch right before 8:00. vice president joe biden and first lady michelle obama will attend. we think they're scalping because right now they couldn't get tickets. steve: really? brian: we're not sure what kind of deal. steve: let's talk about this. big news. when the video came out about acorn, there was moving to defund it. we figured, well, that's going to last for a while. right? no. as it turns out, the government was operating under a temporary funding resolution. it expires this saturday.
6:40 am
that means they've got to cook up another resolution, probably going to run through december which means they've got to defund it again. the problem is, with those powerful acorn who's support -- powerful democrats who support acorn be onboard? gretchen: that vote to defund came during the highlight of all of those undercover video tapes being exposed and showing many of these acorn workers doing illegal activity. well, now that that story has been sided a bit, you have to wonder what steve's questioned about, if they will feel under the immense pressure to continue this defunding. and as you mentioned it only goes through the end of the year. i think a lot of people believed this was a permanent measure when it happened. and now we're finding out it's not. it's coming up on saturday. brian: because they haven't passed the budget yet. in december they're going to have a new budget. if it's not in the budget, acorn's going to be hurt. this is a two-month punishment. that's what it looks like.
6:41 am
then it's going to be nothing but a slap on the wrist. steve: democrats have got to vote to defund it or else it will attract the attention from health care. brian: president obama taking part in four times as many political fundraisers at president bush did in his first year, but hasn't raised as much money. gretchen: we're live in washington. caroline, why is president obama working so hard and accomplishing less? this is a fascinating statistic. if you had to guess, you'd probably say president obama has raised much more money than president bush. >> that would have been my guess until i looked at the numbers. it appears he's raised less as an unintended consequence, at least in part, of mccain-feingold. take a look at those numbers. president obama has been to 28 fundraisers this year and raised $27 million for democratic candidates. but compare that to president bush's first year in office, he only went to six fundraisers but raised $48 million. president clinton went to five fundraisers, but we have incomplete information on how much he raised. so at first blush it looks like
6:42 am
president obama is not picking the best fundraisers to go to. but it looks like mccain feingold, the law enacted in 2002 that banned unrestricted soft money donations. so even if a president goes to a fundraiser with the riches donors and deepest pockets, there's only so much money he can get now. steve: all right. caroline, thank you very much. didn't see that coming. all right. brian: a lot more. we're up against a break. more to talk about. it's amazing with a guy with that much on his plate can do that many fundraisers, any president. but at the top of the hour, jomn allen mohammad terrorized many. now we know how he's going to die. gretchen: and the pin on the left got this man fired. the pin on the right is one that workers are allowed to wear. what is the difference? the man who wore the wrong pin joins us live next. steve: and now it's time for the "quote of the day."
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steve: who said it? e-mail us at you will win some fox cool stuff. right back. (announcer) your doctor knows
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tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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steve: it looks as if the d.c. snipers will die by lethal injections. john allen mohammad will be executed november 10 in virginia. he declined to choose between that and the electric chair so the state chose lethal injection. mohammad and his teen co-defendant lee boyd malvo killed 10 them in a shooting spree in 2002. meanwhile, today the u.s. senate moves closer to extending
6:47 am
unemployment benefits. they are set to approve a bill that would provide 14 more weeks of aid for unemployed americans who have exhausted their benefits, have simply run out. and people who live where unemployment is at least 8.5% would get an extra six weeks of benefits. gretchen? gretchen: thanks, steve. all he was trying to do was show support for our troops in his own way. so he wore a pin at work that read this, "one nation, under god, indivisible." and for that he was suspended and then fired. his employer, home depot, said it violated company policy. but like his brother, serving in the army, trevor won't back down. trevor joins us now live from florida. good morning to you, trevor. >> good morning. gretchen: you worked at home depot for about a year and a half. you wore this pin the entire time, "unnation, under god, indivisible." the last time i checked that was part of the pledge of allegiance that children learn as they grow up here in america. did you think your employer
6:48 am
would have a problem with it? >> no, ma'am. i worn it over for a year and a half and not a word was ever said to me. gretchen: a suddenly a couple of weeks ago you decided to bring your bible to work. you would carry it into work, put it in your locker, and read it during your private break. right? >> yes, ma'am. i would read during my break. i wouldn't preach to nobody. i would just read to myself, not bother nobody. gretchen: in fact, one of your co-workers actually liked your pin so much she wanted to borrow it. >> she was actually a supervisor. she's a supervisor of the store, one of the supervisors. she asked to borrow it so she could wear it. gretchen: it's interesting, because home depot, if you shop there, you know that a lot of people wear those april rons and they have -- aprons and they have pins all over the place. and in fact, one of those pins d -- do you receive it when you become an employee there? this sort of flag that says
6:49 am
"united we stand?" >> no, ma'am. that was a pin offered to me in exchange for the one i'm wearing. gretchen: i see. so that was an ok pin to wear according to home depot? >> yes, ma'am. because it didn't have "under god" on it. gretchen: of course, yes. that's the trick word that always seems to get people upset for some reason. here's the home depot statement. "our dress code -- gretchen: you were fired, trevor. how do you respond to that statement? >> i felt like i was punished just for supporting my country, my brother, the troops and the veterans. i just love this country.
6:50 am
and i don't see, you know, how it's american to make me take off the pin that represents so much. gretchen: you seem like you would be a great employee to hire. so if anyone's out there and would like to hire trevor keezer, let us know here at "fox & friends." thanks for being our guest today. >> thank you, ma'am. gretchen: new video coming in to fox of the three americans being detained in iran. it shows them dancing, having fun. so were they vacationing or spying? that's the accusation against them. one of the hostages' brothers is here next. he wants his brother to come home. and amtrak subsidized by the government loses $32 for each passenger. do we really want the government running health care then? a closer look in 15 minutes. . 
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
brian: hey now the answer to the quote of the day. who said this? the answer andre agassi on him for using crystal meth. steve, on to something else. steve: new video just released in the last 4 hours from the families of the three american hikers detained in iran since july. the video shot just two days before they were arrested shows the hikers just goofing around on vacation. their families say this is proof that the three were just in the area for vacation. and did not have some sort of hidden agenda as the country of iran has suggested now they want to come home and their families do as well. alex is the brother of one of those hikers josh. good morning to you. >> good morning.
6:55 am
steve: when did you find out that the country of iran had seized your brother and friend? >> we don't know. we think they probably strayed across the border unknowingly. steve: yeah. they didn't go into iran thinking let's go into iran and see what it's like, like that. clearly, it was a navigational mistake. but when did you find out? when did your family find out josh is in iran and he is being held? >> my mom got a call on the 31st of july from the u.s. embassy in baghdad. 89 days since then and the time is just dragging on and dragging on. it's really a nightmare situation. we're waiting to wake up from that. we're waiting to get the phone call that is they are being released. steve: speaking of phone calls, you haven't any contact with your brother josh who is your best friend. >> yeah. my brother is the most important person to me. we haven't had a phone call. we have had no direct communication. it was good to know that the swiss managed to go in and see them on the 29th of september we
6:56 am
want to hear from them directly. we want them to call us. steve: which one is your brother? >> the sunglasses. steve: the couple lived in damascus. your brother lives in central oregon when he is not being detained by iran. this shows that they are just out having fun, that there is no nefarious mission they're on or anything like that. >> no it's video clearly shows vacation. messing around with a digital camera. and having a good time. steve: how does it feel to think that your brother would be used as a political pawn in an international incident? >> we hope that's not the case. we hope everybody will realize this is a humanitarian issue. this is just three individuals who haven't really done anything. if they have done anything wrong, it's a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. it will be cleared up quickly. steve: i hope so. do you have any idea where they are keeping them?
6:57 am
are they in prison. >> we are understand they are being held in a prison in iran. steve: our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. we hope somebody springs them soon. >> we hope so too. steve: we thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: coming up next, vets forceed to wait months for care. many say health care reform will make things even worse? what needs to be done? that is straight ahead. then a t-shirt worn by more than 100,000 students creating an outrage at penn state? it's all because six people think it has a religious connotation. we're going to talk to the girl who designed the t-shirt to find out where she that design kenny perry performing live on "fox & friends" for this wednesday.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
gretchen: we hope you're having a great morning so far. it's wednesday, october 28th, 2009. thanks for sharing your time today. the dems, are they divide over government-run health care in the thick of it? well, senator joe lieberman. >> if it hits hard times, they're going to come to the congress to bail them out. and who is going to pay for that bailout? the taxpayers. gretchen: so what could plan be be? we'll tell you. brian: what do you see? school spirit or a religious simple six people say these white t shirts are a religious symbol. the girl who designed the shirt here live. steve: that's a lot of cotton. big kenny from country band big and rich is here. he is flying solo today with a brand new album. you are going to hear it right here this hour.
7:02 am
our slogan this hour comes from lori in ohio. steve, brian, and gretchen, when i rise. fair and balanced really opens my eyes. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> i love you, you know. brian: that was joe lieberman. how pumpside big kenny to be here and we're happy to see him. he made his own t-shirt for us. steve: all the roadies were working together to put together concert printed up some stuff. brian: only problem is we are suing them because this is my likeness. gretchen: i'm not suing anyone who is going to promote our show. we are looking forward to him sitting on the couch. your headlines at the top of the hour. we start with a fox news alert. bombing in a busy marketplace in pakistan leaves 80 people dead.
7:03 am
dozens of people trapped under the rubble. it happened in the city of ba shower -- peshawar. joint missile all part of a joint exercise. japan looking to beef up missile defenses because of the growing threat from north korea. the f.a.a. says they put their passengers in serious jeopardy. now those two northwest airline pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles have had their licenses revoked. the pilots, timothy cheney and richard kohl, well, they said they were working on their personal laptop computers during the flight and they lost track of time. remember, at first, they said they were having a big argument. the f.a.a. says the pilots violated numerous federal safety regulations. pirates now setting their sights on civilians? a british couple has been kidnapped by somali pirates.
7:04 am
they were sailing on a small yacht in the indian ocean. paul and rachel chandler are in good health. let's take a look at the weather picture a lot of people wondering if that game will get played tonight. brian: what game? gretchen: world series in new york. steve: same thing for the brand new rocket down in the cape. you can see a little bit of lingering shower activity in portions of florida. heavy stuff from the mid-atlantic right up through new england back through the great lakes. a little smattering -- i love that leaf animation. immediately drive to a house and watch. we have 30's and 40's. brian: our viewers, just knock. steve: hey, i have got to see this am nation. 30's and 40's for portions of new england. same thing for the rockies. later on today, 77 gorgeous degrees in raleigh. some rain through portions of the northeast. couldn't hamper the game
7:05 am
tonight, gretch. and chilly out west. only 31 in denver. it will be 40 in my sole la, missoula. gretchen: writer said she quit david letterman show 19 years ago because of sexual favoritism and hostile work environment. nell writes in vanity fair is not suing and not out for revenge she wants to expose the inequality on the show. she said many men had sex with subordinates and the men did benefit professionally. brian: talk about holding your silence 19 years ago. steve: read all about it in vanity fair. hear all about it right now. harry reid is coming out with this plan, his plan for the government to run health care. a government-run so-called public option.
7:06 am
he has got a problem though. he does not have the votes. brian: the votes matter? senator schumer said is he so good at counting votes. steve: one of the problem is somebody who is now an independent from connecticut who has been a reliable democrat vote in the past is not gonna vote for it. here he is telling us why. >> if the bill that is ready to be voted on at the end of the debate on the floor jeopardizes in any way our recovery from the economic recession we are in or increases the national debt, i'm not gonna vote for it. brian: that's what happens when you are backing ed lamont. he does his own thing when he got the job. olympia snowe suddenly said i'm very upset. paraphrasing. she was very upset that the government-run health care was going to be part of this new plan. she is off the reservation. she wants a trigger operation. a trigger operation would have no government-run plan unless certain things didn't happen with the private insurance.
7:07 am
here's olympia snowe on the trigger option that she endorses. >> i'm surprised and disappointed yesterday when i heard the news. because i thought it was important to create a bipartisan, you know, approach. a trigger would have been sufficient to create the incentives for the industry to perform. in fact, was indicated by the congressional budget office. substantial savings of 10 to $15 billion in the event that the industry did not perform by providing for the public option. gretchen: you know what? with senator snowe, she must have a speed dial right to the president. because apparently he spoke to her at least eight times before that first vote when she was on board before the government run option was in that particular plan. but now she also reveals that the president called her friday and seemed to acquiesce to the fact that this new plan by harry reid was, in fact, going to have a government-run option and he seemed to know that she was not going to be on board for it but what about the other moderate
7:08 am
democrats? well, we're still waiting to hear from ben nelson from mary landrieu, from blanche lincoln from mark pryor and evan bayh. these are five people. does harry reid even have the votes to bring this to the first stage of debate. or was he putting this government-run option into the plan because of his own prospects in nevada and was he trying to pacify the liberal people in that state. when it doesn't work then he can say i tried so still vote for me. steve: plan b might be the trigger option or some hybrid. tom carper, the senator from delaware has this floating idea floating opt in, opt out. if your state doesn't have competition or really expensive health care plans available you could opt in or you could opt out if finally competition comes in and the prices go down. that is a consideration as well. brian: if you are wondering how
7:09 am
a government-run health care option would work, maybe we should look to see how the government is doing with the post office. let's not look at that see how they are doing with amtrack. president nixon said we're going to get amtrack on its feet and sell it privately. no one put their hand up. you know why? it's losing money in a big way. every time somebody goes on amtrack? they are losing an average of $32. some cases 62. steve: every passenger. brian: not guaranteed a seat. gretchen: they lost money in 2008. now, here is the one route that that does actually make money. you know what it is? it's on the east coast and it's the acela express. they make $41 per passenger per trip. why? you have to pay more money to get their quicker. these are the businessmen and women travelling up and down the
7:10 am
northeast corridor. is it the case that the business people who are already paying higher taxes are also funding the government-run program of amtrack? and is this what would what happen health care? steve: i think people throughout the northeast just generally use the rails more frequently than people across the balance of the country. look on the big screen over there the worst route and this particular survey was done by subsidy scope, which is an arm of the pew trust trying to figure out how much amtrack was costing. look at that the route from san antonio to los angeles, the federal government, amtrack lost $462 per person. $462 per person amtrack lost. i just did a search on expedia. you could fly from san antonio to los angeles round trip for $199. so why doesn't -- the federal government could save a lot of money. why don't we simply buy people
7:11 am
round trip tickets not to take amtrack and to fly instead. the airlines need business anyway. if you are making money, that's one thing. but when you are losing $460 per person, maybe they should think about changing things. gretchen: maybe they should think about subsidy scope come on board with the cbo and doing their own numbers on health care. i wonder what kind of numbers they would come up with. brian: you're future was on making amtrack profitable, you would find a way. where is the incentive to make it work? just a study by some group? it doesn't affect anybody. people are going about their jobs and waiting for their pensions. gretchen: government hasn't had a great track record no, pun intended of running businesses and saving us money. they keep taxing us more. brian: i think you should punt. steve: in the "washington times" today there there is an item that said when he was a candidate running for president, barack obama said that he suffered from, quote, the same original sin of all politicians,
7:12 am
which is we have got to raise money. as a candidate he said he would fight against donor influence if sent to the white house. there is this item in the "washington times" today that talks about how a number of donors are actually be rewarded with white house perks. we should point out that presidents have done this for a while, george bush invited his pioneers to camp david or down to texas. bill clinton had those coffees. brian: and the lincoln bedroom. gretchen: we heard a lot about. steve: some of the things they detail v.i.p. access to the white house. private briefings with administration officials. also, according to internal documents one birthday dinner at the oval office. someone else wound up being able to take their family to the bowling alley at the white house. brian: no one is using it. or drop water balloons from the truman balcony? not sure. if you bundle up 300,000 you are eligible for stuff like this. if you wrote a $30,000 check. that could be you at 1600
7:13 am
pennsylvania avenue. gretchen: i don't think this surprises anyone. if he made a campaign promise he wasn't going to do it. other than that, everybody does it. steve: fundraising and events at the white house events. sometimes you get invited by staff members. brian: they fight for our country but losing the battle when it comes to health coverage. what our vets say about their care and how it could get worse under the government option. the details next. gretchen: this t-shirt worn by more than 100,000 people creating controversy all because six people say it has religious connotations. look at all these people. they didn't have a problem with it the woman who designed the shirt here in 10 minutes. she reports and then you can decide. of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping is easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in
7:14 am
the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. come on. how about...a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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7:16 am
brian: millions of men and women put their lives on the line to protect this country. you know that. who protects them when they come
7:17 am
back? nearly 8 million military veterans are enrolled in the veterans affair health system. a system some say are under jeopardy. dr. novak is an orthopedic surgeon and chairman for health carefree dom. dr. novak, first off, when you are dealing with somebody who has served their country, involved in the v.a. system, sometimes doctors are asked to work for free because the contracts that served these men and women run out? >> right. actually, brian, thank you for having me. look, here in phoenix this year, the budget for orthopedic care for care being provided by a couple of the physicians in the community ran out in august, a full four months early. so the patients who were all scheduled several months out were told well, the doctors either can work for free for the next four months or the patients are going to have to wait until the beginning of the next calendar year. it is just an absolute travesty at this time with the economy
7:18 am
being bad, people coming back from iraq and afghanistan, the demands are so much greater. somehow we have all -- this money for cash for clunkers and everything else but we can't seem to find a little bit of extra money to ensure that our veterans can get care in a timely fashion. brian: how often does this happen? is this just a one year thing, one state thing? or is this happening nationwide. >> i can't speak for outside of phoenix right now. i'm not aware of it happening in previous years. i think we have a couple of issues going on. the demand of the v.a. has gone up. it shows you how at the end of the day the government process is just not working for our veterans and it's not making things better. look, when the president said he wanted to add choice for people in health care, you would think he would start with the veterans since they are already in the system. there is nothing in these plans that will allow veterans to go outside the v.a. and seek out care in the private sector in a more timely fashion. it's extremely disturbing.
7:19 am
brian: when you say these two things happening, they are called wars, so this problem is not going away. >> absolutely. and as the economy being bad, remember that people who might have had v.a. benefits but instead were getting care through their employers or another way are now going back into the v.a. system. so the demands on the v.a. system, and there are lots of wonderful great men and women working in it, are just being completely overloaded. brian: dr. novak, we will get with you again. we will follow this story especially when we find out what health care reform is going to mean for you, for me, and for those who serve our country. thank you, doctor. >> thank you. brian: white t-shirt worn by more than 100,000 people at a football game. it has six seeing red. they say the shirt is religious. brian: andre agassi addicted to chris pal meth? we have his shocking admission and how he got out of it.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
gretchen: the white out football game is a well known tradition at penn state university. this year the t-shirt is causing a little controversy. brian: the school has received complaints that the design looks too much like a cross. penn state senior and co-scirn designer of the shirt stephanie bennis joins us now. are you surprised that people are looking at your shirt and seeing a religious symbol. >> i am. it was never my or emily's intention, who was the co-creator to have any religious symbol whatsoever advertised on the front of the shirt. gretchen: in fact, you decided to put that blue bar coming down the front of the shirt like that. that was sort of in honor or emblematic of the blue barren othe player's football helmets,
7:24 am
right? >> that's right. we were trying to create a t-shirt that symbolized pep state's traditions and simplicity. what's symbolic of penn state football is their football helmets. brian: what's happening with the shirt right now. >> well, apparently, according to the university, and some of the news articles in the daily co-legion january that there were six complaints that people felt this had religious overtones. gretchen: and so were you forced to stop selling the shirt? shirt? s? >> no. the school is in charge of all the sales. we signed over our right to nike who produced them and the school sold them online and at the student bookstore. what i have been told by university officials is that the shirt was very successful. in fact, the most successful selling whiteout shirt to date and that it has been sold out and they have no plans to make any more shirts or sell any more shirts. brian: wow.
7:25 am
so, stephanie, are you surprised if it even was a cross that there would be this type of outrage? >> i am. i'm very surprised. i feel this is a minor controversy but that a larger issue can be raised from it, which is, in our society, intersecting lines, they are a symbol, but symbols have no inherent meaning, only the meaning that each person gives to it individually. gretchen: except until now we are in this p.c. society, stephanie. let me ask you this. have you ever taken a business class or economics class about free capitalism at penn state. >> not about free capitalism. gretchen: well, that's what we still think we have here. so people had a choice of whether or not they wanted to buy this shirt or not. let me tell what you penn state said. six complaints is not a controversy. students submit shirts design for the student paper each year. students then vote for their favorite design in the bookstore. very few didn't like it. thanks, stephanie. brian: even though nike is making a bundle. they need to hire you when you
7:26 am
are done with school. >> i hope. so i would definitely take any offers they are willing to give. brian: gretchen will give you a letter of recommendation. thank you very much stephanie bennett. gretchen: she is a very well-spoken young woman. you are looking at nasa's ares 1 x rocket on the launch pad. we will show you when it takes off. brian: the latest in the word games being played by the administration. but will the public see through it? gretchen: country super star big kenny is here straight from the heartland. what he thinks about the headlines affecting america most. the future of our troops and our economy. plus, a live performance. brian: why is steve chasing him? ♪ long-haired farm boy, with jute box dreams.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
gretchen: fox news alert right now. we are just hearing that the launch of the ares rocket delayed again due to bad weather down in florida. the window was to open at 8:00 a.m. eastern. now it's been pushed back to 9:0 a.m. eastern time. the ares is that experimental rocket. if successful, nasa hopes to launch to the international space station and then the moon. nobody would be on board this test launch but they can't seem
7:31 am
to get it off the ground. brian: the weather. i blame you. steve: i said there was weather down there. apparently they were listening. now the headlines. gretchen: new video of secretary of state clinton arriving in pakistan. visit aimed at reversing the anti-american sentiment in that country. >> is a critical moment and the united states seeks to turn the page to a new partnership, with not only the government but the people of a democratic pakistan. gretchen: secretary clinton arriving just hours before a car bomb ripped through a crowded market in peshawar. 80 people died in that blast. steve: putting the brakes on distracted drivers. ray la hood and f.c.c. chairman genachowski, is he going to introduce new legislation called the distracted driving prevention act.
7:32 am
how did you know that name, brian? i have never seen it in print. brian: it's a gift like anything else. steve: it gives grants to states that ban texting while driving and require the use of hands free cell phones. to the guy whose name i butchered, i apologize. brian: not to me. today the senate moves to extending unemployment benefits. they are set to approve a bill that would provide 14 more weeks of aid for unemployed americans who have exhausted their benefits and people who live where unemployment is at least 8.5% will get an extra six weeks of benefits. gretchen: the san francisco bay bridge closed this morning so crews could fix a cable. it suffereddenly snapped during last night's commute home. they don't know what went wrong. one car was damaged when the debris fell on the road. the cable snapped at the same section of the bridge where that was a scene of a big crash earlier this month. brian: that's your clue. agassi was high on crystal meth
7:33 am
playing the circuit in 1997. he makes the shocking admission in his biography. he said he lied about the drug use. he said he accidentally drank a soda i his assistants spiked with meth. that got him out of it ok. you can play. hit rock bottom when he injured his wrist and doubts about his marriage with brook shields. she was wearing on him. she was the star of that blue lagoon. steve: that was 30 years ago. she has done a lot more since that. a man charged with driving drunk this motorized leaz -- lazy boy. he smashed into a parked car and he had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. that chair was built on top of a riding lawn mower engine. it is now for sale. crazy. the police department in minnesota auctioned it off on
7:34 am
ebay today. it comes complete with a sound system and even a parachute. because it can travel up to 15 miles per hour. so you have got the la-z-boy with the parachute. brian: where is this taking place? steve: minnesota. gretchen: i think i might bid on it. it looks fan fast -- fantastic. brian: there is one story every day from minnesota on this couch. gretchen: i guess i picked a good place to grow up. nancy pelosi, democrats rebranding certain words that develop a bad wrap. >> in our legislation we are mandated that individuals and businesses have -- take out health care insurance. we are not throwing them to the wolves of the insurance industry without an option for them to choose which is what i would call not the public option but the consumer option. gretchen: so will this change the public perception of a government takeover of health
7:35 am
care or is it just hot air? the word doctor himself frank luntz joins us live from d.c. this morning. good morning, dr. luntz or should i call you something else? >> just call me the author of what americans really want really. steve: his new book. gretchen: thank you for getting that promo in there. let's talk about the word smith and how this sort of rebranding effort has been going on for the last couple of months. now we have nancy pelosi not wanting to call it the public option. shouldn't what we really call it is a government takeover of health care and that's why we now wants to call it the consumer option, to kind of shield that. >> a lemon is a lemon can you call it an orange or an apple. i have a simple question right now for people what you should call it who created it? the public or the government? who determines the details of what's in this mr. the public or the government? who is promoting this plan? the public or the government? now, she has realized that the so-called public option that she
7:36 am
wants to call it is losing support on a daily basis. so she is trying to change the language behind it. the problem is that the american people really don't want washington running their health care. they really don't want washington making the decisions that should be made by doctors and hospitals. and so she is trapped in this ideological crusade that an increasing number of americans are opposing. gretchen: but is every american keyed into this date or any other debate? is it true? you are the expert on words. if you rebrand something or sounds better, does everyone investigate or do they hear consumer option and think that sounds pretty good. >> this is one case. it's a correct assumption up until about months ago when they started holding these town hall meetings, one has to wonder there are very few people listening this morning that will have the right to read the legislation because it's not being offered to the american people or to attend a town hall
7:37 am
meeting. hosted by senators and congressman. caucuses said to their members don't go back. they remember what happened in july and august. they remember all the anger. and the visuals. not just on fox news but on every newscast. the public is saying tell me more, i want to know the details. this is not some generic policy. this is health care. this is life and death. and pelosi's changing of the language does not change the fact that the american people are turning against this health care package. gretchen: it's not just health care reform, frank. we had overseas contingency operations instead of the war on terror. pressure track instead of sanctions with iran. it seems to be this sort of rebranding effort. do you see it that way? >> i would say that they are overusing their thee saw russ but i never want to use words i cannot spell. the problem you have now is that the american people are saying, be crystal clear, tell us what you are going to do and tell us the consequences of what you are
7:38 am
going to do. they watch this. also, look, nancy pelosi has never been a great communicator. barack obama is. pelosi is not. if you are going to change the language, i would suggest her to come out of the white house, not out of congress, which has the lowest approval rating in years. gretchen: good piece of advice from the word smith himself dr. frank luntz. the author of words that work. brian: and what the american people want, really. steve: look who is here. >> music without prejudice. brian: how is it going? gretchen: i'm going to stand up, too. why not? great to see you. steve: we are all fans of big and rich. this is the big part of big and rich. and you're joining us today. you are going to be performing a number here in just a couple of minutes. >> yes. steve: you sold 5 million albums in the last six years? >> i guess i have. gretchen: congratulations. >> fantastic. yea, everybody. brian: what are the names of
7:39 am
people who bought this. >> let me start with tom, john. brian: one of the things did you without being signalled on is you walked on. fantastic. you are big kenny. talk a little bit about what frank luntz talked about the changing of the words to change the meaning. does that resonate with people? >> i think words absolutely resonate with people. as a song wrirst we spend our lives trying to craft succinctness, say as much as you can in as little time as possible in a way that somebody will be able to read as quickly possible. yeah it, probably makes a difference. public vs. consumer. i don't know how much that hits me as a difference. they both sound like the same thing to me. and our state in tennessee has had a consumer option called ten care for years and years, a lot of states do. i don't know that it's really that drastic a difference. steve: how is it working? >> if it wasn't for ten care i have a few friends right now that would be dead. ten care came in.
7:40 am
one ran into a barricade. ten care came in there and made sure they knew his hospital bills were going to get paid. steve: you trust the state but maybe not the federal government. >> i trust everybody. i completely trust our federal government. i completely think that trust is just like something hillary clinton is doing over in pakistan right now. trust is something you build over time by showing you do what you say you are going to do. so, you know, i can't imagine the load that some of these people take on. the president, you know, has got the world on his shoulders right now. and to just be able to keep a positive attitude means everything. we as americans can pull ourselves out of any -- we have done it before. we can do it again. we can lead the world, not only our country but everybody else. we can go around the world and build schools right now in the same places where we are battling. gretchen: he has a lot on his head. he also has a report on his desk that's been sitting there for the last 60 days from general
7:41 am
stanley mcchrystal, the guy who has been in charge who the president appointed to be in charge over in afghanistan and determine exactly what needs to be done. and the troop request. what do you hear when you are on the road, big kenny, from people? do you hear at all about this big headline, afghanistan? >> the real thing that i hear, i was just down in san antonio, texas this past week with a couple of great friends of mine, daniel vargas and chief master sergeant stephan pace. both of them retired out of the air force right now. both of them are working feverishly to deal with our catastrophically wounded returning veterans. so we are building homes for them. guys and gals, men and women coming back here now, sons and daughters. that's what i hear. my sons and daughters. i have got two great buddies that i have had for years now, one has got a son deploying out of new orleans. he is going to see him this week for the last time. doesn't know where he is going to be for a year at a time.
7:42 am
another one has three boys meeting him over the thanksgiving holiday and all of these are special forces, young men that are gonna be. brian: you mentioned building schools. part of the mcchrystal plan is building schools, winning people, taking off the vest and getting to know people in the villages. >> i love it. brian: it's been 60 days and the president hasn't made his decision yet. >> 60 days this war has been a whole lot longer than 60 days coming. i think those kind of decisions they just can't make them overnight but we as the public can start doing things on our own. take, for example, in pakistan and afghanistan there has been a gentleman over there since mid 1990s by the name of greg more continueson, there is a book written about him called three cups of tea. they have build over 55 schools in that country right now for all the young kids, primarily girls. if we build schools for the children, educate them, give them opportunity before they rise up out of despair. build schools or have our sons and daughters shoot bullets with them. steve: big kenny, have you got a
7:43 am
lot to say. >> you got it, bro. you ought to hear me sing. steve: your band is right over there. about 15 minutes from now. thank you very much. more of big kenny straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this wednesday. so, stick around. we'll be right back. brian: yeah. on the same couch. gretchen: outd of work? should you take any job -- find out more at aflac!...
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7:46 am
brian: consumer spend something down. credit card rates are soaring. unemployment is reaching double digits. how can you make the most of your money in this troubled economy? there is only one man who can answer that question. steve: dave ramsey is here to answer it he, of course, is the host of the apply named dave ramsey show on the fox business network. great to see you today from nashville. >> good to be with you guys. steve: first up, here is an email from alan in texas. eemails us:
7:47 am
>> those are scary times. there is not any perfect answer but usually when you are working, doing something, it activates a lot of stuff in your life. >> your eve motions, your adrenaline and those kind of things and you tend to interview better. i don't know if flipping burg ers is the answer but delivering pizza is better pay. people putting hands on self-employed basis as a part-time job and put two or three things together and keep the wolf from the door while you are looking for the better gig. brian: ask yourself what's your expertise and see if you can make any money on it jackie says: >> they obviously has been in default and that kind of caught
7:48 am
up with them now. precisely the wrong time. that's the collection tactic where they are just trying to get your attention. they will work with you on payments. you may have to argue with them and negotiate with them. but you can set the thing back up on payments and get going again. most of those characters are well aware you don't have $29,000 sitting in your underwear drawer. steve: finally crystal wants to know how do you get out of a timeshare? >> how do you get a spider web off of you after you walk through it. it's hard. they are very, very difficult to get out of. about all we suggest, we are seeing some luck with ebay. some people are able to put them on ebay and sell them. you are basically trying to give the thing away to get rid of the annual maintenance fee. timeshares are one of the worst products out there right now. 97% customer dissatisfaction with them. don't buy them. brian: plastectomy this week? >> absolutely. brian: all right.
7:49 am
[ steve: weighs he doing here, dave? is he making a pen out of credit cards? >> absolutely. they got a little lathe going. he sent it to me. i have got it in my pen collection. pretty good stuff. steve: fantastic. don't ever use it to sign a credit card slip. dave ramsey, we will be watching you tonight on fox business network. thank you, sir. >> thanks, guys. brian: big kenny back after the break. is he performing in 10 minutes whether he wants to or not. steve: today is october 28, 2009. back in 1886 something important happened but we don't have time to tell you about that meanwhile in 1987 "bad" was the number one song in america. ♪ you're bad ♪
7:50 am
. . .
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7:52 am
7:53 am
gretchen: we are back with country superstar biggie kenny. what is so great about your new cd and why is it ipod? >> this is music that grows. you can take your package and open it up. there is a beautiful poster of meat. but the music in, listen to it, and then plant the package. you can break it up into nine different pieces. flowers, 26 varieties of my favorite perennial wildflowers. in this day and age we need to
7:54 am
teach kids how to grow stuff. >> -- gretchen: you learned that growing up on the farm? >> in virginia, you got it. gretchen: you are going to sing a hit to from your new album? >> that is right. gretchen: take it away. ♪ >> ♪ the rusty hot rod on a dirty road and day john deere tractor a longhaired cowboy
7:55 am
with jukebox dreams you know what i mean years go by the world don't stop these memories are all i got all i need are all these dreams long after i'm gone i hugged my baby i kissed my wife i do not take for granted one single breath of this life each and every day
7:56 am
because tomorrow you know it just might be too late years go by all these memories they are all i've got my wildest dreams live on they will live on long after i'm gone long after i'm gone long after i'm gone oooh ♪ gretchen: all right, big kenney.
7:57 am
and the rest of the band. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. gretchen: coming up, the washington, d.c. sniper is about to be put to death. and how did karzai's brother wind up on the payroll of the cia? who is leading that information?
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: thank you for sharing your time with us today. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in pakistan, a car bomb hit the market, 80 people died. steve: old glory causing controversy at a health club in massachusetts. >> stay right there. steve: the gym owner is not backing down. his life outside of the ring was
8:01 am
not a pretty picture. brian: hall cogan has the details on his new book and his new life. this is from a jay -- i cannot wait to hear brian say midterm elections. [laughter] >> everybody, this is big kenny. you are watching "fox & friends ." gretchen: i get a feeling the heat is not script himself, he goes with the flow and he is a great entertainer. big headlines this morning, 86 people dead in pakistan, mostly women and children. this explosion happened just hours after hillary clinton landed in the country, but she was three hours away.
8:02 am
now to afghanistan, another developing story overnight. the gunman opened fire in cobble -- kabul. this video just in. one taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility for this attack, saying it it is an assault on the upcoming presidential election. one of two attacks just this morning. another rocket struck a hotel that is used by foreigners. yesterday in afghanistan eight more american soldiers killed by a roadside bombs, making october the deadliest month since the war began. still no decision from the white house on troop levels. according to a new "the wall street journal" poll the
8:03 am
majority of americans say that they support increase in troop levels. the washington, d.c. sniper will die by lethal injection in virginia. he declined to to choose between lethal injection into the electric chair. the state shows legal injection. he killed 10 people in a four state killing spree in 2002. the faa is revoking the licenses, those two northwest pilots, saying that the pilot put their passengers in jeopardy. they said they were working on their personal laptop computers. remember at first they said they were having an argument? they lied. they have violated numerous federal safety regulations. we are just one hour away from the second attempt to get that
8:04 am
ares i-x rocket of the ground. joining us live, phil keating. is it really going happen this time? >> everyone is optimistic. 9:00 a.m. eastern time is the earliest that it might get off of a launch pad. we have got it on the split screen there. the final inspection team is just now leaving the launch pad. four lightning bolts struck within half a mile of the launch pad last night, but we are told that not one of them struck the rocket. early this morning managers are getting reports from the inspection teams, making sure that nothing got fried by the storm last night. this is the future of space travel.
8:05 am
and no more big orange rocket attacks after the space shuttle fleet is retired next year. the future of nasa is to use that needle, see it there at the top? the triangle underneath it would be the capsule with a pet -- where the astronauts would be. they could land anywhere, all very far down the road, according to a recent white house issued. it will require billions of dollars, but this test flight will give rocket scientist on the ground a better idea on how this rocket design will perform in real time. steve: quickly we are taking a look at the weather over the sunshine state. we have had lingering activity, but no measurable stuff for the most part.
8:06 am
lots of rain through portions of the northeast, the leaves falling down to cooler temperatures in new england. 51 degrees in kansas city, warming up into the 80's and 90's in southern texas. a beautiful day. temperatures, as you can see, blizzard and along the rockies -- blizzarding along the rockies, 18 inches of snow expected in some places. that is a quick look at your fox travel forecast on this wet wednesday in new york city. brian: coming out of the health committee, take that public option, it will be in the proposal that comes out of the senate. you know that there is going to be a government-run plan coming
8:07 am
out of the house. so many people were shocked, wondering if there were actually 60 votes. look at the faces and names of those on the shelf when it comes to a public option. ben nelson, and theevan bayh, my landrieu and kent conrad. so, where is he getting those 60 votes from? steve: he does not have them. one of the reliable democratic votes is joe lieberman and he made it clear, he does not like the idea of the government running the insurance industry with health care and stuff like that. here is why the senator from connecticut cannot vote for that. >> if the bill that is ready to be voted on at the end of the
8:08 am
debate on the floor jeopardize is in any way our recovery from the economic recession or increases national that, i will not vote for it. gretchen: then there is olympia snowe, the only republican to originally golan. that was before the government option. she was more in favor of that trigger option. she does not like this idea of the state's having to opt in or out. this is what she had to say. >> surprised and disappointed, as i said yesterday, i thought it was important to create a bipartisan approach, something that would have been sufficient to create the incentive for the industry to perform as communicated by the budget office.
8:09 am
$10 billion to $15 billion. gretchen: we have a lot of producers on capitol hill. they have been able to talk to a lot of congressional aides. apparently senator harry reid may have to fall back to that trigger option. then he might be able to get olympia snowe back into the fold. by the way, the congressional budget office is a scoring the tree or option right now to see if it is a better economical solution. steve: our daily prescription for truth is coming up. if everything depends on the details, why are those details being kept secret? a number of gop freshmen congressmen on capitol hill say they have not seen anything. peter will be with us very
8:10 am
shortly. brian: you have heard over and over that this karzai government and his brother, they are involved in heroin and poppy crops. you hear about it from their lawmakers. today's "the new york times reveals that the brother of the afghan president has been working with the cia for the past eight years, mostly because he is in control of that area, and the cia says that according to this story they are not worried about what he does to make money, they are worried about the intelligence that he provides. gretchen: a very interesting, blockbuster story. you might want to be asking the question this morning of why it was leaked. lots of this cia activity, we are not supposed to know about it. that is the point.
8:11 am
they keep a secret so that they can actually do some good. one of the senior military intelligence officials in afghanistan says that if we are going to conduct a population- centric policy and we are seen as backing up thugs, we are undermining ourselves. steve: here is the reason why this leak might be on the front page of "the new york times." someone in the cia administration does not want karzai to be reelected. the like the idea of abdullah abdullah. brian: for this the pop out on the front page of "the new york times you have to figure that someone does not want karzai reelected. steve: they want abdullah abdullah.
8:12 am
brian: there have been rumors about him making money on the illegal drug trade, and this timing is so suspicious. who benefits? steve: not the cia. gretchen: remember those americans detained in iran? this video shows that dancing and having fun on vacation. were they released buying? brian: 1 couple says that their nuptials were called off because of halloween. you may never kissed a goblin? -- you may now kiss a goblin?
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
bill: democrats in the senate -- brian: democrats in the senate are deeply divided over the public health care option. here is what joseph lieberman had to say. >> they can go over and over it. brian: we have heard it all before. peter is here, he is concerned about the deficit. >> they will filibuster it if it comes to the floor. the thing that concerns me is that this bill is shrouded in such secrecy and surprise. this is a bill that only senator reid has read. we cannot see the bill, but we know that he is for it and he wants to bring it to the floor
8:17 am
so that the entire senate can vote on it. he decided he was for an before it was sent to the congressional budget office. we now know that he is only for the public option, only for a bill that he has read only himself and before he even knows the cost. bill: -- brian: evidently in the house there are 200 votes for a public option, they need to hundred 18 votes. >> there is one theory that i have. it is not to tell people what you really believe. i believe that the president wants a public option. but he needs to cover the senate and the house to get it. to the left he can say listen,
8:18 am
we tried and we could not get it done. on the right and the center he says he is for the public option, but that it is only a sliver of the program and not a necessity. he preserves his political capital and allows these folks to have at it. what is the next step? coordination with senator snowe? the trigger, is that the grant perception? or talk about an opt in or opt out mellow what does that mean? state-by-state we should not have social security? but a referendum on medicare? should the governor decide? the legislature? brian: what if your state decided not to have the public option, are you still paying for
8:19 am
it? there is no bill to look at. >> my belief is that you can decide that you do not want it, but you are still paying for it. that is still the form of having the public option. who wants to throw away something they are already paying for. this is a course psychology being paid for by the american people. brian: 19 minutes after the hour, amtrak loses $32 for each passenger that it sells a ticket to. they are run by the government. do we really want the government running health care if they cannot run the train tracks? coming up, all cogan and peter
8:20 am
crist, live.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
steve: when you think of breast cancer chances are you think of women. that is exactly one of the world's most macho guys is speaking out this morning. gretchen: for kiss drummer -- former kiss drummer peter crist dealt with this disease last year. you found a lump and the doctor thought it was not a big deal? >> i just got my checkup and it
8:24 am
was great, so for the last few years as i was going through this i did not mention it to anyone. i have had a run in many years ago with tabloids. steve: the doctor said that you were going to be fine, that there was nothing to it. you've got a follow-up from another doctor that you trusted and it turns out it was cancer. breast cancer. when you heard that you had got breast cancer, as a guy, what did you think? >> i had to sit down. [laughter] you do not think that men get this. 1% of men get this. i have been playing drums my entire life. i am aware of my body. when i first felt this it was uncomfortable and the more that i mess around it became
8:25 am
uncomfortable. my doctor told me to go see another doctor, and they diagnosed me. they went in and removed it, they said it would be fine. if not for his and checking it out and really finding out what was wrong, i would not be sitting here. when he called he told me to sit down. he said i had breast cancer, but do not flip out right away, because we got it immediately. early detection is my big slogan. you will not need chemotherapy or medication. he will not lose the great
8:26 am
italian hair of yours, whenever it is. the second time i went in i was not a happy camper. i knew that they had to remove my nipple to take off. -- take it off. i feel for you. that thing that you guys go through, the mammogram? it must have been invented by a medieval guy. to get these little guys in that thing, it was very painful. steve: men do get mammograms. gretchen: thank you for acknowledging that. >> for that one half hour of being uncomfortable, you can see your grandchildren and have a great life. gretchen: even though you are famous, you are not into being in the spotlight any more. but what should men be aware of? it's painful?
8:27 am
>> yes. gretchen: you are saying that men need to be aware? >> it does affect 1% of men. there is no literature for men. it needs to go both ways. it was uncomfortable sitting in that office, women with scars who had lost their hair, their breasts, when we went to fill it out, there were no questions for guys. the whole thing was uncomfortable, it was for women. when i recently got my test and i was clean i said to my wife and my doctor, thank god. i have got to tell my story. anywhere that you find something uncomfortable in your breast if you are a guy, just to go. tell your wife, your boyfriend,
8:28 am
your girlfriend, i do not really care. the quicker you do it, the quicker you will live. most die -- most guys say yes, i am a guy, doesn't matter. steve: you are living proof that if it is taking care of, you will live. >> thank you for having me. absolutely. so honored, great to be on your show. gretchen: thank you so much. what is brian doing? brian: great interview. meanwhile, the deadliest month ever for american forces in afghanistan. is the president ever going to get a strategy? and this story -- old glory, offensive? both sides of that controversy. guess who is here. the man first known as fund their hips, now known as hulk hogan.
8:29 am
-- thunder hips, now known as hulk hogan is coming your way.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
gretchen: fox news alert right now, gunmen opened fire on a u.n. guest house in kabul, afghanistan, killing 12. this latest attack came just one day after eight american soldiers were killed by roadside
8:33 am
bombs in afghanistan, making this the deadliest month since the war began. mike, what is the reaction so far on those brutal attacks in afghanistan? one might believe that pressure is mounting for the president to make a decision. >> the united states government is condemning those brutal attacks, including the death of an american, noting that these people were working for the good of the afghan people, trying to help the country moves forward, and then you have this brutal, coordinated vicious attack. the united states is condemning that attack. as you mentioned, there seems to be pressure mounting on the president. today he meets with robert gates, friday he meets with different service branch chiefs. the body language seems to
8:34 am
suggest that the president is getting close to a decision. there was question as to whether or not he would announce the decision before the runoff. gretchen: good news, he is headed to tokyo on november 11 and that runoff is november 7. his aides have said that he will make the decision after words. do you think that it will happen before he goes overseas? >> there has been a shift in recent days that the president might not announce his decision until after the runoff, saying they he did not want to influence the election. john mccain, his 2008 presidential lection rival, says that obama has to move quickly stanley mcchrystal the resources they wants. he points out that when you have a war like this of course there are unstable governments, but it
8:35 am
should not stop the united states from sending more troops. gretchen: mike, thank you for joining us. brian: he is expected to win again. gretchen: karzai? brian: yes. steve: especially if your brother is stuffing the ballot box. brian: he is not supposed to do that. steve: president obama appeared with the virginia gubernatorial hopeful, bringing his national agenda with him. >> virginia will keep moving towards a health system that makes quality insurance affordable. steve: who while, bill clinton and jon corzine joined forces yesterday in new jersey. " jon corzine is in trouble in the polls.
8:36 am
he is in a statistical dead heat with chris christie. gretchen: video of those three american hikers that were captured in iran. their family says that the video proves that they are not spies. the brother of one of the hiker's london on "fox & friends" earlier to demand his brothers -- one of the hikers was on "fox & friends" to demand his brother's release. >> we want to hear from them directly. we want to be reunited with our family. steve: meanwhile, he was trying to show support for the troops. wearing this button got trevor
8:37 am
fired from home depot. home depot has a policy about not letting people where non- company plans that work. >> i felt like i was punished for supporting my country, the troops, and the veterans. i love this country and i do not see how it is american to make me take off my pin. steve: by the way, he wore that pin for more than one year at work before being fired. brian: andre agassi writes in his new autobiography and his assistant spite his soda with drugs.
8:38 am
he has since been married and had two kids. steve: what a blockbuster. crystal meth? brian: not easy to get off that stuff. gretchen: another thing that is not easy to get off is the government run subsidize program. once you start rolling, you are stuck in it. the juno that $32 per trip is subsidized by the government on amtrak because amtrak cannot get its ducks in a row? steve: they are trying to figure out how to spend the stimulus money on light rail, so a division of the pew trust look at amtrak and realize that when they tell the government how much they are taking in they don't take consideration of the depreciation, like every other
8:39 am
business. what they found was startling. look at this. 41 out of every 44 routes lost money. the worst route is the one between san antonio and los angeles. amtrak loses $462 per passenger. every person on the train, the government is losing $462 per person. does that make financial sense? no, it does not. at the same time the people that support amtrak, like joe biden, says that amtrak service communities that are not serve to buy airplanes, stuff like that. brian: when you talk about putting money aside in this stimulus package, they put down $18 billion in a high-speed rail system.
8:40 am
so, they are deciding what to do with this. it is moving quick. i wish that there was a plan in which it would gradually turn over. gretchen: is the point of this story not to point out that when the government takes over a big industry like health care that it might cost more and that there might be a lot of waste involved? look at the post office, for example. or look at amtrak, for example. brian: it bothers me that i pay this money and i am not guaranteed a seat. steve: why am i doing that? up brian: i know, i am already paying so much money. steve: from san antonio to los angeles, probably a couple of hundred dollars already. right now of expedient you can
8:41 am
fly to los angeles from san antonio for $199. brian: want to work out in massachusetts? one health club says that you will love the american flag right in the middle of the gym. right? gretchen: a 12 foot flag in marblehead massachusetts. so the club participants say that the flag is so big that it shields their ability to see the television while they are sweating, and i understand that -- i am out there working. you need to see "fox & friends" when you are working out in the morning. that i get. but some people are apparently offended by the american flag. that escapes me. steve: this story is happening in massachusetts, the cradle of
8:42 am
democracy. when people find out that the people on the treadmill think that the flag is offensive, but bets -- betsy ross will have a connection on the elliptical. -- connection -- conniption on the elliptical. >> some people said they might as well put agees as cross here. i guess if they choose to leave the gym, i will live with that. steve: we miss so many things about religious symbols in public, but who has a problem with the public symbol of america? gretchen: that one fire fighter wanted to keep the american flag on his locker and other situations, remember?
8:43 am
steve: maybe they just need more televisions. why are women on average gaining 50% more for health insurance? gretchen: hulk hogan, a life outside of the ring was not all glamorous. details that we never heard before? you are coming to get us, hulk hogan! we are ready. >> ♪ i will stand my ground (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly...
8:44 am
(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
8:45 am
8:46 am
gretchen: did you know that there is a health care gender gap going on? women are apparently charged twice as much as men for the same exact care. a practice that has gone unnoticed. is this disparity blatant discrimination? women are paying premiums that are up to 59% higher.
8:47 am
good morning. gretchen: i find it fascinating that this has been allowed to go on for this long and no one has cried foul. or have they? >> you are absolutely right, it has been going on in the insurance industry for a long time. gretchen: what is the analysis here? i understand that some of the people have said that women have more complicated bombing, so they have to go to the doctor more. so, would you say that it is ok, that women should pay more because they tend to go to the doctor more? >> they often have checkups for
8:48 am
reproductive reasons, or they have become mothers and they are -- there are prenatal checkups, they are more sensitive to taking care of their body. gretchen: but we cannot choose the way that we are born. is that your next point? >> as one of my doctors said to me, internal organs are close together, they need to be checked more carefully, and therefore it makes sense to get a checkup. what i was going to say to you is that women that, in earlier the life -- women, in earlier in life, men -- women come in earlier in life, men tend to
8:49 am
come in later in life. if you look at it from a continuing, women arrive earlier, but men, and later. gretchen: the list of states where gender-rating is banned, i find it fascinating that a female-nonsmoker pays more for coverage than a man who smokes on average. >> the problem is that statistically when insurance companies do actuarial studies they point to the fact that women spend more money, as i said, in the earlier part of their adult life. i think that we are not paying attention to the fact that this is discrimination. gretchen: unfortunately i have got to wrap it up.
8:50 am
this is a topic that we need to pay more attention to. thank you. coming up, he was in front of the camera for millions of fans, but he battled serious personal issues behind-the-scenes. next, " hogan shares a personal story. bill: eating his morning can be there, hulk hogan. -- eating that morning -- eating his morning can be there, hulk hogan -- candy, hulk hogan. no one is talking about the taxi way at america's busiest airport. we are searching for answers to learn how this can happen. huge show at the top of the hour.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
brian: hulk hogan rose from humble beginnings to become a legendary world wrestling champion. now he has a reality show, but after his son's tragic car accident and subsequent divorce he has written a book. steve: in that he describes the turmoil of his internal life and how he is stronger today. thank you for being here. >> thank you. steve: i was surprised to see that reality show in 2007. the wife was not there, the kids were not there. you thought about suicide in a significant way. >> i had really hit rock bottom.
8:55 am
i always thought about people that attempted to commit suicide as cowards. i had no idea that you could get into that place -- certain things in my marriage had unraveled, but this was way before that. steve: you had a loaded gun to your head? >> and not at my head, but i was kind of hypnotized by it, playing with it. the kids were gone, all of animals were gone. i went through every room, every bit of clothing was gone. no one was talking to me. i could not shave my face without laying on the floor, because of my back pain. i hit rock bottom. i left "american gladiators" and i came home and everything was gone.
8:56 am
i had to sit in the chair to brush my teeth at that point, my back was so bad. i started eating xanax and a bottle of rum, and i do not even remember how i got the gun. i hypnotize myself until i got a phone call that snapped me out of it. gretchen: so, writing the book has been cathartic? >> yes. the reason that i wrote it, i have been through so much over the years, my personal life has been flipped upside down financially, i have been devastated, and if i can pull up the nose on this thing, i want to explain to people, do not give up. decide to start living, not dying. brian: we will continue this interview in the after the show show. hulk hogan, thank you for coming
8:57 am
by. gretchen: logon to watch the after the show show. just a couple of minutes.
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